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Learn directly from Brittany what the latest, hottest trends are and stay WAY ahead of the competition.

Get access to live group coaching calls with Brittany where you can get the answers you need, construct strategies, get motivated and more! 

Get the motivation and brain food necessary to light a fire under your efforts and supercharge your business every month!

If you know all the latest trends but have no idea how to execute best selling designs out of them - then what's the point? Get done-for-you design templates and watch detailed design workshops each month to skyrocket your sales!


Trend spotting done for you by an expert... 

Most print on demand sellers struggle for months, even years, in their shops because they're lacking a fundamental piece of the print on demand puzzle:
t - r - e - n - d - s. 

If you want your sales to soar, you must know everything there is to know about what's currently trending. In the membership, you'll receive bi-weekly trend-spotting videos with invaluable information you can put to use right away!

Hit play to see a brief montage of some member favorite clips from past trend-spotting videos in the membership!


What just a few current members are saying...

- Monique N.

I am NOT trendy, or fashionable and I have never had my finger on the pulse of style. Brittany's membership is not only helping me grow into a more stylish human, but it’s also been absolutely game-changing in helping me discover what is hot, popular, and in demand. Without this resource, I would have no clue about what colors are trendy or what designs consumers are willing to hand over money for. The trendspotting videos are my favorite part of my week and I cannot thank Brittany enough for sharing her priceless insight. In my opinion, there is no more valuable resource or investment any Etsy store owner can make than this membership! 

- Kelen M.

This membership has been a game changer for me! I love learning about all the new trends and get excited every week for the new trend spotting video. I have learned how to trend spot on my own now as well. When I go to design I have the data to back up my design, where as before I was just designing what I wanted not what my people in my niche were looking for. I have also learned how to combine trends to create something completely unique which can set my shop apart from the other thousands of shops on Etsy. I love the community in the membership as well. In our group coaching calls we can ask questions and feel supported on this journey. This membership is absolutely worth every penny! If you are on the fence, my advice is to just jump in! You won't regret it.

- Sara B.

I only became a member two months ago, and already I have found so much value! Not only does it help you learn what is trending, it helps you learn how to spot trends on your own. One of the designs I was inspired to create after starting the membership already became one of my best selling items! I'm so happy with this membership and can't wait to keep striking gold!

When you become a student of Wolf School, here's what you can expect each month...

When you become a student of Wolf School, here's what you can expect each month...

| Trend Spotting Videos |

Every other Monday, one 15-20 minute trend spotting video will be released jam-packed with the HOTTEST, most relevant trends you can begin implementing in your shop immediately! 

Brittany's expertise lies in trend spotting process, having predicted countless trends prior to their explosion in her own shops over the last 8 years. 

With these trend spotting videos, all the work is done for you.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and be able to produce items that people are actively searching for that can't yet be found in big box stores -- you want access to these invaluable trend videos!


| Group Coaching Calls |

Every 3rd Wednesday of each month, Brittany will be hosting LIVE group coaching calls exclusively for Wolf School students! 

This is a designated time for all members to get their questions answered, to get help with long term strategy, get clear on trends, get motivated and more!

Brittany will also be bringing any additional relevant information to these calls that may not have yet been covered. 

This is a very special first-time offer for Wolf School students only and will prove to be an integral time for students to get clear on next steps to stay on track and avoid getting blocked or demotivated.


| Design |


The majority of print on demand sellers will get their shops into motion and be doing ALMOST everything right... What they often are lacking (and the reason they're not making the level of sales they desire) is the right type of designs. 

It's not enough to create designs YOU like as a seller. In order to create a booming shop, you have to know current trends back and forth AND you have to know how to create designs based on these trends that customers actually want to buy (easier said than done!). 

Each month an exclusive design workshop will be released where Brittany reveals common design mistakes and how to correct them, plus much more about effective designing for BIG results. 


| Motivation & Mindset |

All successful business owners know how to keep themselves inspired and motivated. They also know getting the right "brain food" consistently is a necessity for staying committed to their goals. 

Once a month in the membership, Wolf School students will have access to exclusive motivational and mindset content directly from Brittany. This content is designed to get and keep you on track to smash your goals with ease and effortless drive. 


| Mastermind Community |

A super valuable benefit of becoming an Wolf School student is that you also become apart of a tight knit group of like-minded sellers on the same journey!

Each trend-spotting video will have a specific forum for comments and questions to discuss the week's content further and ask questions and dig deeper.

The group coaching calls are also a great time to collab with other members as well as with Brittany herself! 


But wait! That's not all!...

Wolf School was created to be one of the most valuable (if not THE most valuable) tool in your toolkit for creating the biggest print on demand results possible. 

So in order to pump up the possibilities... Included with the membership are some extremely special, exclusive bonuses!

✅  Bonus #1: Access to a private Instagram account dedicated to trend spotting

Brittany has created a special account dedicated solely to print on demand trend spotting that will be shared exclusively with each and every Wolf School student! 

You will have access to the long (and growing!) list of currently trending shops and other relevant IG accounts that Brittany has personally selected to be most valuable for trend spotting.

Brittany will also be posting to this account frequently with specific trending ideas and inspiration!


✅  Bonus #2: LIVE design feedback!

Each month during group coaching calls, Brittany will be selecting a few designs to improve upon from Wolf School students LIVE! 

Participation is fully optional, but if desired, you'll have the chance to submit your Canva designs prior to each call --  and if selected, Brittany will use this design as an example and walk through improvements live on the call!  


More From The Wolf School Community...


- Jadin G.

This membership has helped me so much! It has taught me how to expand my knowledge and way of thinking when it comes to trend spotting and market research. I really appreciate the time, energy, and expertise that Brittany has put into this membership. Now I understand how vital it is to becoming a trend spotter expert if you want your Etsy biz to blow up.

- Brian H.

Brittany's membership is not your typical Etsy course that just tells you what to type and where. She takes you along as she goes down the rabbit holes, showing you how to find what customers actually want and are searching for and learning that skill can only mean one thing. More "cha-chings" for your shop and more money in your pocket.

- Eszter B.

It has been 4 months now that I've been a member and it was one of the best decisions I made regarding my POD business. The useful information that we receive on a weekly basis from Brittany is priceless. Thank you for doing the hard work for us!

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Wolf School is geared toward helping you create the print on demand shop of your dreams this year!

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Are you ready to watch your print on demand shop soar?


Wolf School is geared toward helping you create the print on demand shop of your dreams this year!  Let's make it happen together.

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